When Adam Irizarry, as much a talented actor as a gifted musician, accepted to play the leading role in Blindness, he had no initial intentions of scoring this film. However, one evening, after a particularly long day on the set, Adam went home and got the inspiration for a song which he felt best expressed the emotions of his character, Richard Martin. In the middle of the night, Adam wrote, played, sang, and recorded “Colors Fade,” in just four hours. The next day he played the song for Helio, the director, who then asked him if he would score the film.

Adam Irizarry and his partner Nick Saya, crafted a compelling score that expressively matches Karen’s and Richard’s complex psychological drama. From the pulsating rhythm of “Subway” to the lyrical tone of “Gray,” through the hypnotic tempo of “Crossing,” their music adds an emotional layer to the actors’ subtle and nuanced performances.

Here you can hear a few snippets of the music from Blindness. If you’d like to receive the complete audio CD, click here to contact us.