I would like to thank the following companies and institutions whose generous support helped make this film possible:

Battery Park City Parks Conservancy
The Battery Conservancy
Caffé Pane é Cioccolato
Imagen Line, Madrid, Spain
Instituto Cervantes of New York
L.A. Digital Post, New York
Mary Help of the Christians Church
North Central Bronx Hospital
NYC Department of Transportation and Bridges Division
Solera Restaurant
And especially to New York University, Tisch School of the Arts, Maurice Kanbar Institute of Film & Television, Graduate Program, Department of Film & Television

My most sincere thanks to the following individuals whose contributions greatly benefited this film:

Guillermo Ayerra, Peter Basich, Yvette Biró, Sergio Bregante, Stephanie Brown, Marianne Carbon, Jennifer Cavalieri, Eliege Danielli, Domenica Diodati, Gerardo Domínguez, Robyn Futterman, Ron Gray, Michael Heller, Robert Honor, Father Mark Hyde, Beatriz Jos, Richard Kaplan, Victor Levites, Norberto López Amado, Marlie McGovern, Alberto Magán, Alba Mejía, Danny Mercado, Michael Murray, Robert Nickson, Jackie Nova, Gabriel Oblitas, Jim O’Higgins, Patti Pearson, Warrie Price, Amparo Ramírez, Luis Alberto Regalado, Bill Reilly, Felipe Ribadeneira, Seth Rudy, Jen Ruff, Dan Sanford, Nava San Miguel, Sam Schacht, Mark Thompson, Marcin Trochimiak, Andrew Turner, Mickey Vail, Omar Vázquez, Francisco Verdera, Jessie Vilsack and Joseph Warfield

And very special thanks to the following individuals whose support deeply enhanced this movie:

Raúl Alonso, Olga Casas, Christine Choy, Jason Dunkel, Joaquín García Orbea, Gianfranco Goglia, Rufino Lopez, Ron Miller, Enrique Rubio, Gail Segal, Sharleen Smith and John Tintori

I also want to also express my gratitude to Malona Voigt and Adam Irizarry. In many ways this movie is also theirs.

Finally my deepest appreciation goes to Tina Malaney and our son Alberto, and especially to my father, Mateo San Miguel, whose encouragement and support was decisive in the making and completion of this film.

Blindness is dedicated to the memory of my mother, Cecilia Abad, who died during post-production.