Director’s Statement

Blindness is a 30-minute short film that tells the story of Richard, a terribly shy man, who falls for Karen, a beautiful blind woman. They share an intense and tender love story, but an unforeseen turn of events will reveal his much more complex and disturbing side.

Blindness delves into the minds of these two characters, portraying their nuanced personalities through seemingly isolated gestures and touches that are meant to work as brush strokes. It is slow-paced, but extremely emotional and reflective, provoking identification from the spectator, and showing that blindness can go beyond its literal meaning.

Richard is played by Adam Irizarry, a New York actor that worked in the Broadway musical Moving Out as The Piano Man. He is also a talented musician and scored this film. Karen is played by Anne Richardson, an actress from New York’s Barrow Group. Blindness was produced by Malona Voigt, whose short film Chicxulub premiered as part of the Official Selection at the 2006 Tribeca Film Festival.